Thursday, 14 April 2016

Top 10 Gifts For New Mom

Being a mom is the best job there is but it's definitely tiring especially the pregnancy process. After your friend/relative gives birth to her new bundle of joy, surprise her with an awesome gift or gift vouchers - she definitely deserves it.

Top 10 gifts For New Mom

Here are our top suggestions for mother gifts:

1. A handbag that doubles as a diaper bag - All moms will tell you that having somewhere to keep diapers when out and about is essential. Surprise her with an awesome and stylish handbag, that also has compartments for diapers.

2. Pamper basket - Make her up a pamper basket with shampoo, bath bombs, face mask and anything else that will help her relax. You can buy gift cards for these kind of things if you would prefer, so she can choose her own pamper set.

3. Wine - She has gone so long without drinking alcohol, that she is probably really excited to have a chilled glass of wine. Treating herself to her favorite bottle will be the perfect gift for any new mom. Here is useful guide.

4. Chocolates - Who doesn't love chocolate right? And she will definitely need something to get her through those tough night feeds. Buy a gift voucher for her so she can choose her favorite chocolates if you do not know what they are.

5. A custom mug - A mug that has a photo of her and her new baby on is such a thoughtful gift that she is guaranteed to love. Surprise her with this by taking a picture of the little one off social media and have it made into a mug. There are many companies both online and in the real world that do this kind of thing.

6. A spa day - When she has got some time to take advantage of this, she will absolutely love a spa day of pampering to help her unwind. Better yet, she might even take you along with her! Purchase a gift card for a hotel/spa near you and surprise her with this. Here is what has to offer.

7. A new item of clothing - She will likely be so happy that she doesn't need to wear maternity clothing anymore, so get her a pretty new top/dress that she can wear.

8. Fingerprint jewelry - Get her a necklace made with her babies fingerprint on it, this is such a special gift that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

9. Eye brightening cream - She is guaranteed to appreciate a high quality eye brightening cream to help combat the lack of sleep that she is going to be experiencing. Get her a gift card for her local makeup store and she can pick out her own!

10. A beautiful photo frame - Buy her a photo frame that suits the decor of her home and she can put her favorite picture of her new baby inside it.

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